Charitable & Cultural Programs by OSS


Orissa Seva Samiti has been undertaking various Charitable and Social Welfare activities and got appreciations from every corners of the society.

Various Charitable Activities conducted in the past :

  1. Free Education to poor children.
  2. Cleaning programme in Slum areas.
  3. Blankets distribution program.
  4. Organising Blood Donation Camps.
  5. Conducting awareness camp for non usage of plastic & polythene bags.
  6. Free Health Checkup Camps
  7. Distribution of Sanitary items in Slums
  8. Drugs & Alcohol De-addiction Awareness Programs (Nasha Mukti Abhiyan)

Proposed Charitable Activities :

Besides the above activities, the members of Orissa Seva Samiti are committed to undertake various charitable activities in the future. Some of the proposed activities are furnished hereunder.

1. Free Eye Checkup Camp
2. Free Shcolarship Program for the poor students
3. Free Lunch for poor people
4. Donation of tri-cycles to physically handicapped people
5. Plantation
6. Free Dental checkup with collaboration of any hospital
7. Career counseling to Students in different school for vocational training to be self-sustained.

Interested Sponsors for the above noble deeds may kindly contact us.


The society is also celebrating various Cultural events to uphold rich art and culture of Orissa as under :

1. Boita Bandana on occasion of Kartika Poornima
2. Maa Saraswati Puja on occasion of Basant Panchami
3. Annual Function


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Charitable Programs by OSS